Fontaine Technology

Why We Do It

Solving problems, so others don't need to.

There is a simple reason that many government and regulatory websites are so difficult to navigate: no one wants to build them. These websites and interfaces are not exciting, and they do not push boundaries, so it is extremely difficult to interest technology industry leaders to spend their time working on these projects.

At Fontaine Technology, we have built exciting things and pushed boundaries. We also believe that improving government and regulatory websites is a public service and we are here to provide that utility.

Doing the work to help our people.

It is not efficient to have each person in a community, state, or country use websites that are difficult to understand, especially when there is so much at stake. A simple mis-click or form fill could result in a person being unable to keep their housing, enrolling their children in school or applying for a grant to pursue their work. There is simply too much to risk on bad UX.

To us, these aren’t just empty words. We pledge to donate a portion of our proceeds from each contract to an organization working in the same space. Together, there is so much more that we can do.